What is Graphic Design?

What comes to your mind when you hear of graphic design? Or images advertised on magazines? These may be used to define what graphic design is but there is also a lot. You can think of posters, product labels, flyers, business cards, mobile applications, book covers, beef cow meat chart, logos and signs among others. It is a long list that can go on and on.


So what is graphic design? The above are examples of things that can be done with the graphic design, but there is a lot to discover. It may not even be possible to cover all the details of graphic design in one article, but this article focuses on the full overview. It will help you comprehend various aspects of the fields and the available careers.


Are you interested in becoming one of the most cherished graphic designers around the globe?  Read and understand what it involves:


Graphic design is an art that is done with a particular goal. The process includes being creative and having a systematic plan that is capable of offering solutions to issues, or that can enable you to achieve specific goals. There is the use of symbols, images and words are also used. Mainly it involves visual communication and considers artistic expressions to project different ideas for a particular reason.


Different elements of graphic design


The art uses various images to design and can also use photos, symbols, logos, and illustrations. It can employ either of the techniques or a combination of all the methods. Some of the elements that you can use to achieve the kind of design you want include the following:




There are different types of lines. They can be thick ones, curved, straight and wavy. Concerning the lines, there are limitless possibilities that a graphic designer can consider. Lines are useful to designers in that they allow him/her to divide and separate layout. They are also helpful when it comes to guide viewers. With lines or addition of other objects, viewers can move from one point to another without difficulties.




For creativity, you need to use shapes. There are various ways in which you can fill spaces using shapes to offer support to text and different content forms. They are also useful for balancing the design. The best part is you can create shapes from nothing, and this leads to the formation of structures to the design and also makes it clear.




Either color or its absence is a significant element when it comes to proper design. A graphic designer should have the right color comprehension. With such experience, a designer can come up with an excellent design. There is the need to use color without any struggle to enable a designer to craft something appealing to the eyes.




It is essential for transformation of messages from text to art. These are various fonts with a combination of alignments that are customizable, color, sizes and spacing. A designer can use this to communicate with the whole world without struggling.




Whether it is glossy or smooth advertisement must have a texture that is tangible. The visual appearance gives a form of the tactile surface. A professional graphic designer should use the right material and paper to enable texture come out clearly.


Tools used in graphic design


Designers who have been in the field are creative, and they have an artistic impression. They are careful in observation, and they have skills to carry out an analysis. These skills are essential to any designer before they start using the physical tools. They make use of various methods whereby they combine technology and art to pass a specific message and create an excellent impression.




The tool is used to sketch ideas. It is the right tool to have an overview of the ideas of your design. Designers can use this tool in combination with others to develop a wonderful design.




With advancement in technology, computers are now an essential part of a designer. They enable a designer to have expended creativity and stick to what they are planning to design.




Designers can use software to easily design what they want thanks to technology. They can now use Photoshop and Illustrator among others to design something impressive.